Our vision is to savour the joy of flight to everyone with no required expertise. This motivates us to perform our best in order to break sky boundaries. We are aimed to make Weslax the world’s leading advanced air mobility service provider focused on emergency services, urban air mobility and logistics of goods. By applying the up-to-date technology, we facilitate transportation constraints via our sustainable drones and VTOLs. Shorter time duration and improved safety are amongst the advantages brought to stakeholders via our unique systems. This will be accessible through Weslax’ auto- aircraft, a genius solution to remove traffic obstacles. We bring advanced air mobility to life. 

Why work with us?

We believe that people with enthusiasm and motivation can achieve great things. As part of the Weslax team, you will shape the future of advanced air mobility with us, which will become increasingly important in the near future. With your work, we make mobility more efficient and safer together.

Your benefits

What are you waiting for? Apply now for one of our vacant positions and let us change the world together!

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