About Us

Innovative driver of Advanced Air Mobility

Our Company

Our mindset of creativity in the Advanced Air Mobility, specialized in Firefighting, Emergency & Rescue and Cargo-Services. We managed to create drones to be in the skies 24/7 with innovative technology to mission in any weather conditions. Hy-Platform enables multipurpose use-cases by hardware and AI-connected software to save time and be efficient. We succussed in creating a 3S-Rule for our measurements: Safe, Speed and Security to guarantee UAV service for our stakeholders.

Our Goals, Mission and Vision

As a leading technology provider for Air Mobility, we follow our vision “3S”. VISION 3S takes a holistic view of technological progress. We want our technology to make a positive contribution in a wide range of areas. When the alarm calls, our drones lift. With the mission:

To save lives!

Solve the logistic problems by the 3rd dimension with air mobility solutions.

Help to protect our environment during the entire Product Lifecycle .

Create engineering concepts based on awareness of safety for emphasizing social benefits


We believe in teamwork

Hesam Hojati

Chief Executive Officer

Mahdi Nejatian

Head of Engineering

Sattar Rahmani

Head of Electronics

Naif Khan

Head of Software

Nabil Hagag

Chief Strategy Officer

Our Supporters

Developing a new era of mobility by the help of...

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