Introducing the Heavy-lift Drone

Autonomous, eco-friendly and safe unmanned operations

Hybrid-electric VTOL

powered by Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Multi-purpose UAV-Platform

enables different use cases

High standard of performance

optimized speed, range and payload

Smart and intelligent systems

fast and effective by automated mission

Multipurpose Use-Cases

Applications for Advanced Air Mobility and Urban Air Mobility

Solving the problem of last mile delivery with severe reduction in costs

Faster emergency service response by the 3rd dimenson to increase chance of survival

Supply of medicine and food in catastrophe areas due to blocked or destroyed streets

Less complexity to support fire extinguishing operations in skyscrapers and wild areas

Key Advantages

Higher survival probability for people, animals & ecosystem by direct air line

Cost-saving missions

Cost-saving missions by 90% than helicopter (purchase & maintenance cost)

Safer life

Improves a patient’s chances of survival during emergency cases by min. 40%

High social acceptance

88% of the target market has enormous potential for emergency & cargo


Fast & effective

Return to service in 5 minutes after quick refueling time

During emergency, rescue and firefighting operations, every second is significant.
Valuable time can be gained with fast flight operations by direct air line, smartest flight route and quick return to service after refueling.

Our Solution

An entire Hy-Ecosystem to fullfil all needs of UAV-operations

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